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You don't have to be an experienced yoga practitioner or spend a lot of time practicing to benefit from yoga, nor do you have to be young, flexible or fit. Nearly everyone can benefit from incorporating yoga into their lives and these short specialized videos will help you do just that.

More and more, doctors and other healthcare providers are recommending yoga to their patients and with good reason. The science-backed benefits of yoga include lowering blood pressure and blood sugar; easing pain; protecting the spine and improving posture; preventing the breakdown of cartilage and joints; boosting the immune system; improving bone health; increasing flexibility, muscle strength and balance; promoting better sleep; reducing stress, anxiety and depression; and improving focus, concentration and memory. 

For runners and other athletes, incorporating yoga can help prevent injuries and improve performance by increasing strength, flexibility and balance, as well as better control of the breath.

The stress of work or caregiving can be unrelenting, causing tension, back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, fatigue, and frustration. But taking quick breaks throughout the day with our Workday Quickie routines (most are 5 minutes or less and can be done almost anywhere) will boost your energy, calm your mind, and help release tension. 

You may try all of our Specialized Yoga and online yoga class videos FREE for 7 days! A monthly subscription is just $19.95 and you may cancel anytime.

Please note that in any yoga class, all poses and movements are optional and you are encouraged to listen to your body and opt out of any pose or movement that is not suitable for you. If you have any health or mobility issues, please check with your healthcare provider before beginning a yoga practice.

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