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How Do You Want to Feel?

In one way or another, we all want to feel better - calmer, less stressed and anxious, more energized and focused, stronger and more flexible, healthier and more balanced overall. Yoga can help. Practicing any type of yoga can bring a myriad of well-documented health benefits.

Samdhaana Yoga® is a practice for healing energetic bodies and strengthening the physical body. Based on principles of Balance and Symmetry and on Patterns of Movement that guide the practice, Samdhaana Yoga® brings balance to the energetic bodies. With the belief that our energetic bodies, or subtle body, govern the physical body, balancing the subtle body is a way of maintaining health and strength in the physical body. And really, it just makes you feel good!


Why Practice with Us

There are plenty of online yoga videos featuring beautiful people flawlessly executing complicated yoga poses. While these are stunning to watch, we wanted to offer an alternative. We film our real classes with our real clients. You may see people skip doing a pose that's not right for them, modify poses due to anatomical issues or injuries, or lose their balance as they work toward something that's challenging for them. This is what we want you to see, the whole of a yoga practice, because yoga is just that - a practice - it's not about perfection. We are enormously grateful to our clients for allowing us to film their classes so we can share all of this with you.

A subscription includes unlimited access to our online yoga classes and all of our specialized yoga videos for just $19.95 per month. You may cancel your subscription anytime.

Please note that in any yoga class, all poses and movements are optional and you are encouraged to listen to your body and opt out of any pose or movement that is not suitable for you. If you have any health or mobility issues, please check with your healthcare provider before beginning a yoga practice. 

Classes at Our Studio

Wake Up with Melody

Learn the Poses

Yoga for Beginners


Vinyasa Flow

Power Hour Classes


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