The Art of Sequencing Workshop with Master Sequencer Melody White


71 Sequencing & Instructional Videos ~ 43 Video Yoga Classes ~ 87 Written Mini Sequences  21 Written Yoga Classes

There are many factors that contribute to creating a masterful yoga class – one that is anatomically and energetically balanced, that holds space for participants to go inward and spend time with self, that honors the need for both movement and stillness, and that meets each individual where he or she is – a class that feeds the body, mind and soul.

At the heart of creating beautiful classes is the Art of Sequencing. And while we call it an “art,” it is not a fuzzy subjective concept. Our Art of Sequencing Workshop sets out principles and a fundamental formula for choreographing patterns of movement that guide and direct the flow of energy through the body. That flow of energy is powerful, restoring balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Working toward that balance also creates space, a sacred space that allows for deep reflection, inner development, a sense of peace, and, for those seeking it, spiritual growth.

These principles can be applied to any type of class – beginners, alignment-based, vinyasa flow, and even restorative – and to any level class. The information and understandings shared in the Art of Sequencing Workshop will allow you to use your own unique gifts, creativity and authenticity to create any type of class you wish. 

This workshop is 100 percent online and you will have Lifetime Access, allowing you to move at your own pace and review the information as often as you like. The handouts that you will download with each Module provide a rich resource you can continue to use long after you complete the workshop.

The workshop offers Yoga Alliance CEUs for yoga teachers who are Yoga Alliance certified. It is 100 percent online, so you can earn CEUs at your convenience, perfect for those who are unable or who do not wish to spend the time or money to travel to live workshops.  Our site is mobile-friendly, so you can access the workshop from your phone, tablet, or other device. 


Lifetime Access ~ $997 ~ 60 CEUs 



Because there is so much information in this Workshop, it is divided into 3 Modules, each with its own handouts. There is a total of 114 pages of written material, so you may wish to print each part as you go along and put it in a binder for easy access and future reference. The handouts that accompany the workshop are intended to be used as a resource and reference long after you’ve finished the workshop.  Also included with the Workshop is our Sequencing Quick Finder. This is a web page that contains just the sequencing tutorials from the Workshop, organized into easy blocks so you can go back at any time and refresh your memory on various aspects of sequencing without having to hunt through the whole workshop to find what you're looking for.

Once you've registered for the Workshop and have logged in, you can navigate to any part of the Workshop by clicking the buttons below.




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