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200 RYT Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training

We invite you to learn more about 200 RYT Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training with Samdhaana founder, Melody White. Training is held one weekend per month (usually September through June), in our Mount Airy, North Carolina studio. We also have a 3 week Immersion Program July 10 - 30, 2017. Register now to reserve your spot in our next training! 

Video Support for Yoga Teacher Training

For those taking a 200 RYT Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training program, these videos, featuring Melody White, will help further explain, illustrate and reinforce the principles of Samdhaana Yoga® and the patterns of movement that are at its core. Watching them as you are working your way through training and as you begin to teach, is an invaluable tool.

Sequencing & Teaching Tutorials

Sequencing is at the heart of Samdhaana Yoga® and is the foundation for creating exceptional classes. A subscription to one of our Sequencing or full class Tutorials consists of one or more video tutorials and full written classes (see individual descriptions for more details). In these videos, Samdhaana Yoga® founder, Melody White, will walk you through the sequencing of a specific class and you’ll be provided the full written class that accompanies each video. Our Primary Class Tutorial Series focuses on how to create and share a yoga class and how to build on a simple class to add more poses, movement, and/or sequences. For more experienced yoga teachers, our Advanced & Master Level Tutorials break down the sequencing of one of our more complex Samdhaana Yoga® classes.  

Samdhaana Yoga® Sequencing Workshop

This online workshop includes a comprehensive series of 40 videos that mirror the sequencing aspects of Samdhaana Yoga® that are taught in our 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training. Each video is a building block that explains and illustrates the mini sequences and mandalas that are at the very heart of Samdhaana Yoga®.

Creative Mini Sequences for Teaching

These quick videos offer ideas for sequences that you can work into your classes so that you can find new ways to design creative and energetically balanced classes. These are FREE and are accessible without subscribing. If you find them helpful, consider subscribing any of our Sequencing Tutorials.

Written Classes

Each of our written Samdhaana Yoga classes is masterfully sequenced and carefully detailed so you can shine each time you teach a class. We have an ever-growing library of written classes available in our online store.  

200 RYT Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training

Video Support for Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training

Samdhaana Yoga® Sequencing Workshop

Creative Mini Sequences for Teaching

Samdhaana Sequencing Tutorials

Written Classes for Yoga Teachers

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