Special Deals!

 We've got some great SPECIAL DEALS for you! What's so special about them?  

  • each series costs less than a cup or two of your favorite coffee drink

  • you'll have access to all the videos in the series for a full 90 days




7 Videos $7 ~ The BEGINNER Beginner Series

This series was created especially for those who are curious about exploring yoga, but who are not ready to participate in a full class. The videos are short, most less than 15 minutes, with plenty of explanation and demonstration, and the gentle movements and basic poses are accessible to most people. The last video in the series puts it all together into a class that you can practice everyday. When you're ready for more classes, move on to the Gentle Beginner Series.


6 Videos $6 ~ The Gentle Beginner Series

This series introduces primary movements, with each class building upon the previous class.  All the classes are easy to follow and accessible to most people. Classes range from about 30 to 45 minutes. If you've done the BEGINNER Beginner Series, this is a great next step.


4 Videos $4 ~ The Active Beginner Series 

Each class in the Active Beginner Series consists of primary movements, 2 to 3 basic standing postures with an associated standing balance posture followed by complementary floorwork. Classes range from about 45 minutes to about one hour. If you've done the Gentle Beginner Series and you're looking for easy classes with more movement, this is a great next step.



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