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Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training is a challenging and transformative journey. There is so much information to understand and assimilate in a short amount of time and we want to do everything possible to help make that process easier. In these videos, Melody White takes you step by step through the various types of mini sequences and mandalas that form the foundation of Samdhaana Yoga®. By watching them at your own pace, as many times as you need to, the pieces will begin to fall into place and you will be able to complete your training feeling fully prepared to begin teaching. (When you subscribe, please be sure to enter your individual promo code to take advantage of preferred pricing for our trainees.) 


Sequencing Workshop

For those who have not had the opportunity to participate in our Samdhaana Yoga® 200 RYT Yoga Teaching Training Program, the 40 videos available here provide an in-depth Sequencing Workshop that will benefit any yoga instructor. When you subscribe, you'll have unlimited access to the videos for 90 days, so that you can watch them at your own pace and as often as you like. 

This online workshop includes a comprehensive series of videos that mirror the sequencing aspects of Samdhaana Yoga® that are taught in our 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training. Each video is a building block that explains and illustrates the mini sequences and mandalas that are at the very heart of Samdhaana Yoga®. The principles of Samdhaana Yoga® govern movement both anatomically and energetically. By learning the anatomical and energetic aspects of the poses and understanding complementary and mimicking poses for a sequence, you will be able to accessorize basic mini sequences and incorporate floor work into the practice. This provides for multi-layered sequences and active/passive sequences, which further enhance radial balance by addressing the practice in terms of heart up and heart down, and the creation of energetic movement along a horizontal plane and energetic movement along a vertical plane.

Samdhaana Yoga® can be taught and practiced in linear or mandala (rotational) format, but is most often taught in mandala format, as the mandala itself offers many aspects of healing. Its principles can be applied to any type or level of class – beginner, foundations, vinyasa, and even restorative.

Sun Salutations

Attending the Spine Series

Squared Hip Mini Sequences

Open Hip Mini Sequences

Mini Sequences with Twists

Full Rotational Mandalas

Mandalas with 2 Full Halves

Arc Mandalas

Mandalas with Twists

Recent Videos

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  Sun A's from the Back of the Mat
  Modifications for Sun A's
  Sun B's from the Top of the Mat
  Sun B's from the Back of the Mat
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  2 Full Halves #1
  Arc Mandalas #2
  2 Full Halves #2
  Mandala Series #1
  Twists Mini Sequence A
  Squared Hip Mini Sequence A from Down Dog
  Open Hip Mini Sequence A from the Top of the Mat
  Attending the Spine Sequence A
  Arc Mandalas #3
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