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The Asheville Alternative

When you think of yoga, yoga workshops and trainings, Asheville, North Carolina, no doubt comes to mind and for good reason. But when you’re looking for yoga workshops and trainings on the East Coast, you may want to consider the up-and-coming Asheville Alternative.

The Asheville Alternative offers a beautiful setting in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, an historic downtown with an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants, dozens of nearby wineries and a growing number of local craft microbreweries. With plenty of outdoors amenities, live music and theater events, the area is nevertheless laid back, relaxed and full of southern hospitality. Lodging options include bed and breakfasts in historic homes, well-known hotels, and luxury cabins just minutes from downtown.

And Yoga. Yoga in a beautiful studio located in the heart of downtown. Yoga with instructors who are welcoming, experienced, and passionate about helping you grow. Yoga with classes that are never over-crowded. Yoga in smaller workshop groups to ensure each participant gets personal attention. Workshops and trainings that are not rushed or crammed with an overwhelming amount of information, designed to give you the time and space to truly process what you are learning.

We invite you to join us for yoga workshops and trainings at Sacred Space in Mount Airy, North Carolina - the Asheville Alternative.

All workshops take place at Sacred Space, except where otherwise noted. 

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