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The following workshops offer Yoga Alliance CEUs for yoga teachers who are Yoga Alliance certified. These workshops are 100 percent online, so you can earn CEUs at your convenience, perfect for those who are unable or who do not wish to spend the time or money to travel to live workshops.  Our site is mobile-friendly, so you can access these workshops from your phone, tablet, or other device. 

When you complete a workshop, please email us and provide your name and which workshop you have completed so that we can provide you with a CEU certificate for Yoga Alliance. Email


 The Art of Sequencing Workshops with Master Sequencer Melody White


There are many factors that contribute to creating a masterful yoga class – one that is anatomically and energetically balanced, that holds space for participants to go inward and spend time with self, that honors the need for both movement and stillness, and that meets each individual where he or she is – a class that feeds the body, mind and soul.

At the heart of creating beautiful classes is the Art of Sequencing. And while we call it an “art,” it is not a fuzzy subjective concept. Our Art of Sequencing Workshops set out principles and a fundamental formula for choreographing patterns of movement that guide and direct the flow of energy through the body. That flow of energy is powerful, restoring balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Working toward that balance also creates space, a sacred space that allows for deep reflection, inner development, a sense of peace, and, for those seeking it, spiritual growth.

These principles can be applied to any type of class – beginners, alignment-based, vinyasa flow, and even restorative – and to any level class. The information and understandings shared in the Art of Sequencing Workshops will allow you to use your own unique gifts, creativity and authenticity to create any type of class you wish. Each module builds upon the previous ones, so we strongly recommend you begin at the beginning, with Module 1, and then continue sequentially.

These workshops are 100 percent online and you will have access to each Workshop you enroll in for a full year, allowing you to move at your own pace and review the information as often as you like. The handouts that you will download with each Module provide a rich resource you can continue to use long after you complete the workshops.


The Art of Sequencing Module 1 – Attending the Spine

10 CEUs/$175/1 year access

Module 1 introduces the first two principles of the Fundamental Formula for creating masterfully sequenced classes.

The most important issue to address in starting the physical part of any yoga practice is to properly warm up the spine and prepare it for stronger aspects of the practice. In this Module, Master Sequencer Melody White shares the 5 Primary Movements of the Spine, their importance in maintaining a healthy spine, and the subtle ways in which to warm up the spine for a yoga practice.

You will also learn the 5 Points of Orientation, from which you can begin any sequence or class, bringing awareness to where you are on the mat at any given time, and providing options for making choices and adjustments based on the practitioners in your class.

This Module includes a total of 24 videos. The 12 sequencing tutorials in this workshop will show you exactly how these primary movements can be placed into mini sequences from which to begin classes of any type and for any level. You will then see how these principles play out in multiple creative ways by viewing and participating in the 8 Wake Up Series videos and 4 full class videos.

The handout that accompanies this workshop is intended to be used as a resource and reference long after you’ve finished the workshop. It includes the written versions of the mini sequences shown in the tutorial videos, as well as the written versions of 2 of the full class videos. We encourage you to use these written sequences and classes as building blocks for creating your own classes.



The Art of Sequencing Module 2 – The Fundamental Formula

10 CEUs/$175/1 year access

This Module builds on the first two principles addressed in Module 1, adding the final principle of the Fundamental Formula, the 7 Elements of Opening. In this Module 2, Master Sequencer Melody White will also share how to categorize postures for purposes of anatomical and energetic alignment, and the important role of balance and symmetry in the practice.

You’ll develop a greater understanding of the postures that make up dynamic sequences and learn how to categorize those postures into one of two categories that allow you to easily place them into any format in a manner that supports the subtle body and creates a more optimal feel to the practice.

The focus in this module is on placing basic standing open hip and squared hip postures, and their associated standing balances, into linear sequences from both the top of the mat and the back of the mat, as well as working with complementary floorwork. 

This Module includes a total of 25 videos: 5 videos on teaching methodology, 15 sequencing tutorial videos, and 5 full classes. The handout that accompanies this Module is intended to be used as a resource and reference long after you’ve finished the workshop. It includes a multitude of written mini sequences, as well as the written version of one of the full class videos included in the workshop. We encourage you to use these written sequences and class as building blocks for creating your own classes.

While there are no required prerequisites, we strongly recommend that you complete The Art of Sequencing Module 1 first because Module 2 builds on the information shared in Module 1.


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