Reducing Stress & Inflammation for those with Autoimmune Illnesses

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We are so excited to share this very special workshop. It includes a series of 9 short videos (ranging from 5 to 23 minutes), 5 full classes (ranging from 30 minutes to about one hour), and a handout, all of which share understandings that are supportive to those who are seeking relief from the stress, inflammation and pain of autoimmune illnesses. In this series, learn what's happening to your body when you stay in a state of "high alert," where your body is unable to heal, and how to reset your default button back to a natural healing state where you can thrive again. This series is also beneficial for anyone who is under constant stress, even those who do not have autoimmune illnesses. 

Practice along with these videos as often as you like. If you'd like to move on and try some yoga classes, continue to scroll down on this page and try our Gentle Yoga Classes and one of our favorite Restorative Classes. 

This workshop is included with your monthly subscription to our Online Classes for just $19.95. Click below to get started!  


Disclaimer: The information shared in these workshops is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Rather, it is designed to promote wellness and support those with autoimmune illnesses, and is based on Melody White's personal experience in applying breath techniques and the practice of yoga to achieve a greater sense of calm and well-being. 


Recent Videos

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Reducing Stress & Inflammation: The Vagus Nerve

Reducing Stress & Inflammation: Diaphragmatic Breathing

Reducing Stress & Inflammation: Reclined Bound Angle

Reducing Stress & Inflammation: Supported Fish

Reducing Stress & Inflammation: Ujjayi Breath

Reducing Stress & Inflammation: Alternate Nostril Breath

Reducing Stress & Inflammation: Kapalabhati Breath

Reducing Stress & Inflammation: Alternate Nostril Kapalabhati Breath

Reducing Stress & Inflammation: Om & Chant

Gentle Beginner Class 1

Gentle Beginner Class 2

Gentle Beginner Class 3

Gentle Beginner Class 4

Restorative Class 21

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