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200 RYT Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training

We invite you to learn more about 200 RYT Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training with Samdhaana founder, Melody White. Training is held one weekend per month (usually September through June), in our Mount Airy, North Carolina studio. We also have a 3 week Immersion Program July 10 - 30, 2017. Register now to reserve your spot in our next training! 

Video Support for Yoga Teacher Training

For those taking a 200 RYT Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training program, these videos, featuring Melody White, will help further explain, illustrate and reinforce the principles of Samdhaana Yoga® and the patterns of movement that are at its core. Watching them as you are working your way through training and as you begin to teach, is an invaluable tool.

200 RYT Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training

Video Support for Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training

Recent Videos

5 Primary Movements of the Spine

7 Elements of Opening - A

7 Elements of Opening - B

7 Elements of Opening

The 5 Points of Orientation

Mandalas with Twists 1

Mandalas with Twists 2

Mandalas with Twists 3

Mandalas with Twists 4

Short Series 1 - Infinity Pattern

Infinity Patterns 1

Infinity Patterns 2

Infinity Patterns 3

Infinity Patterns 4

Infinity Patterns 5

The Fundamental Formula

Categorizing Postures & Understanding Complementary Postures

Mandalas with Twists 5

Mandalas with Twists 6

Mandalas with Twists 7

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