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Primary Class Tutorials

Advanced & Master Class Tutorials

Sequencing is at the heart of Samdhaana Yoga® and is the foundation for creating exceptional classes, classes that are mindful, purposeful, and energetically balanced.

Primary Class Tutorials

A subscription to any of our Primary Class Tutorials consists of one or more tutorial videos, along with the full written Samdhaana Yoga classes. In these videos, Samdhaana Yoga® founder, Melody White, will walk you through the sequencing and teaching of a simple class, and then use that class as a foundation to expand with more poses or more sequences. This is an invaluable resource for new teachers who want to gain a strong foundation for designing and teaching creative classes.  Each tutorial series is just $24.95, giving you access to the tutorial videos for one month, along with downloadable written classes that you can teach to your students.

Advanced & Master Class Tutorials

In our Advanced & Master Class Tutorials, Melody will break down the sequencing of one of our more complex Samdhaana Yoga® classes. These videos will help more experienced teachers better understand and apply concepts such as energetic aspects of sequencing a class, how and why to rotate in mandala formats, different types of mandalas, using horizontal and vertical arcs, the importance of points of orientation, creating masterful classes using multilayered sequencing, adjusting your planned class to better suit the people who show up for the class, working with one directional sequences, neutralizing poses, and crossover poses and patterns. Each of these more advanced tutorial subscriptions is just $19.95 and gives you access to that video for one month, along with a downloadable pdf of the written class.

Private Instruction

If you would like private Sequencing instruction with Melody White, please contact us for more information. Private instruction is available at our Mount Airy, North Carolina studio, or via Skype. CEU’s are available under this option. For more information, email or use the Contact form on the website.

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