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About Our Subscriptions

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Online Yoga Class Subscriptions 

When you subscribe to our Online Yoga Classes, you have unlimited access to our full yoga classes, as well as our Yoga for Healthcare videos. Choose a monthly subscription for $19.95 or an annual subscription for $199.95. 


Sequencing and Full Class Tutorial Subscriptions

Our full class tutorial subscriptions include a video tutorial and a written class. Some of them are designed for beginning to intermediate teachers and will help you learn how to create a class that is mindfully sequenced and energetically balanced. Other full class tutorials are designed for advanced to master level teachers and will explore the more complex aspects of Samdhaana's patterns of movement. Each of our sequencing tutorials (coming soon) will have a series of videos that focus on a particular set of mini sequences. Mini sequences are the building blocks for creating a class and can be used in so many creative ways.    


Samdhaana Yoga® Sequencing Workshop/Video Support for Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training

When you read about Samdhaana Yoga®, you'll understand that sequencing is at the heart of it. From Attending the Spine sequences to complex Mandalas, these videos take you step-by-step through the process of learning Samdhaana sequencing, just as we do in our live Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training programs. This subscription gives you 90 days access to our comprehensive library of 40 videos (and a few more to come), allowing you plenty of time to view and process all of this information. For those taking Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training with us, the videos will help reinforce your training and allow you to go back and spend more time on any aspect of the training that you may wish to. The subscription is $995, with special pricing available to those who are taking a live Samdhaana Yoga® Teacher Training.  

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