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Different people are affected by stress in different ways. Stress tends to exacerbate our natural tendencies, throwing us farther and farther from center. Reducing stress requires us to find ways to restore our emotional balance, to come back to center. What helps one person reduce stress may not work for someone else.

If you are high energy, intense, and often categorized as a “Type A” personality, you operate from your nervous system pretty much all the time. It doesn’t take much to make you feel stressed and anxious and when you do, you feel scattered in a million directions. Your normally high energy rises even higher and you feel completely ungrounded and all over the place. Like fire and air, you are blown about, rising and dispersing. For you, stillness is a powerful means to reduce your stress and anxiety because stillness allows all the scattered aspects of you to settle back into oneness. Stillness with your heart facing upward is particularly helpful for you because your heart is connected so strongly to the heavens.

If you have not yet registered for the Decreasing Anxiety Workshop, SIGN UP HERE. A one-time payment of $49.95 provides you with 6 months of access to all of the videos shown below (videos cannot be downloaded).

Props: We use a variety of props in the following videos, as well as in some of our classes, especially restorative classes. Yoga props are generally inexpensive and readily available online or from your local yoga studio. You may also use firm cushions, rolled up towels or blankets instead.

Disclaimer: The information shared in these workshops is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Rather, it is designed to promote wellness and support those with anxiety, and is based on Melody White's personal experience in applying breath techniques and the practice of yoga to achieve a greater sense of calm and well-being.

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