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The Big Book Video Series

If you're visiting this page, you've probably already downloaded The Big Book of Yoga Sequencesand have begun discovering limitless ways to create innovative, energetically inclined yoga classes using the mini sequences and principles from the Book.  This Video Series is for those who want to go a step further and see how these sequences play out. These videos share the concepts presented in the Book; many follow the mini sequences in the Book exactly, others do not.

These videos, plus all of our online classes, are available with a monthly subscription to The Big Book Video Series. Participating in our online classes allows you to feel the powerful energetic aspects of  the patterns of movement shared in the Book and the videos.  If you have already subscribed, simply login and begin exploring. If you have not yet subscribed, click the button below to get started!




Attending the Spine Series

Squared Hip Mini Sequences

Open Hip Mini Sequences

Mini Sequences with Twists

Full Rotational Mandalas

Mandalas with 2 Full Halves

Arc Mandalas

Mandalas with Twists

Infinity Patterns

Bonus Videos

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