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In the Sequencing Tutorials, currently consisting of more than 70 sequencing videos, Melody White, founder of Samdhaana Yoga and Master Sequencer, shares creative and innovative ways to sequence your yoga classes using patterns of movement that are energetically directed and healing to the subtle body. Melody has been channeling these healing patterns for close to two decades and she feels blessed and honored to be a conduit for this great work and to be able to share it with other yoga guides.

Theses sequences offer a wide array of ways to share yoga using linear formats, simple mandalas, complex mandalas, arc mandalas and infinity patterns, and they may be used for offering yoga to everyone from beginner to advanced practitioners. Melody shares how to flow with the directing power of energy as your compass to guide classes that offer proper physical alignment and also align the energy within with the great powers that be.

If Samdhaana Yoga's healing patterns of movement are new to you, it may be helpful to watch the videos in order, but please feel free to watch them however you like and as often as you like.

Our Online Classes demonstrate how to integrate the understandings, formulas, and principles from the Sequencing Videos into classes that are suitable for any level. Practicing with our classes will allow you to feel the movement and experience how these patterns and principles play out.  It is the most effective way to transition from learning the understandings to sharing the understandings. 

Your Master Sequencer Tutorial Subscription includes access to all of our online videos, including the Sequencing Videos, Online Classes, and Specialized Yoga Videos, for just $29.95 per month (you may cancel anytime). Subscribe here.

Subscribers also receive a 50% discount on our written classes. Login to your account before purchasing to automatically receive the discounted price (less than $5 per class).

Changing Subscriptions: If you are already subscribed to our Online Classes and wish to change to the Master Sequencer subscription, login, go to "My Account," "Renew," and select the Master Sequencer subscription. You will gain immediate access to all of this content and your credit or debit card will be charged at that time (for that reason, you may wish to wait until you are nearing the end of your current subscription month to switch). 

Our site is mobile-friendly, so you can access your subscription and watch our videos from your phone, tablet, or other device.


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